Accommodation Business Plan - Executive Summary, Financial Plan, Market Analysis

Accommodation business plan with executive summary, financial plan, product description, market analysis and marketing plan.

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Accommodation Business Plan Overview

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Description: Business planning is a critical part of the success of a small business. Creating a business plan or a marketing plan is not easy. We provide data, information and samples to develop a successful business plan.

The business faces a growth potential.

The Accommodation business plan estimates a growth rate of about 12,7% in 2017.

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Business Plan Files

- pdf
- xls (Excel)
- doc (Word)

Business Plan Sample Data

Investment, avg. (Mio. USD) 10
Investment, tot. (Mio. USD) 3
Revenue (Mio. USD) 6
Profit (Mio. USD) 0

Business Plan Statistics


Accommodation Business Plan Key Elements

-Describe your financial strategy.
-Explain your business model.
-How are you going to protect your market position?
-What makes your business special?

Accommodation Business Plan Content

-Management Summary
-Business Description
-Products and Services
-Market and Competition
-Marketing Planning
-Financial Planning
-Risk Analysis
-SWOT Analysis

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What is a businessplan?

Writing a business plan allows you to assess the facts and figures of your business proposal. The business plan covers what you intend to do with your business and how it will be done.

  • Business description - What do you plan to do? 
  • Market analysis - Who will be your customers?
  • Competition - Who will you compete against; what do these competitors offer?
  • Marketing plan - How will you reach your customers? 
  • Operating plan - How do you plan to implement your idea?
  • Financial plan - What is your intended budget? Where will you get the necessary funds?


What is a cash flow statement?

Your business plan need to include a forecast for your cash flow covering 12 months ahead. Your forecast should include the amount of money coming and going from your business and who you will have to pay.

What is a marketing plan?

A document that describes your advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year. A marketing plan may be part of an overall business plan.

What is a SWOT analysis?

SWOT analysis is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In a business plan context, the SWOT analysis enables organizations to identify both internal and external influences.